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Code Brand Picture Description Category Unit
22015 3L 3L Index Multi-Tabs 25mm Blue 64pcs 13X25mm #22015 F-FILING ACCESS PKT
22010 3L 3L Index Multi-Tabs 25mm White 64pcs 13X25mm #22010 F-FILING ACCESS PKT
22013 3L 3L Index Multi-Tabs 25mm Yellow 64pcs 13X25mm #22013 F-FILING ACCESS PKT
22011 3L 3L Index Multi-Tags 25mm Red 64pcs 13X25mm #22011 F-FILING ACCESS PKT
1110A4 ACP ACP Sheet Protector - A4, 11 Holes, 10's F-FILING ACCESS PKT
8887323105412 ALFAX Alfax Letter Tray 3-tier Metal - Black F-FILING ACCESS SET
A6156-5609 ATL ATL Letter Tray Marbled Anthracite F-FILING ACCESS PCS
A6156-5621 ATL ATL Letter Tray Metallic Grey F-FILING ACCESS PCS
A6652-403 ATLANTA Atlanta Lateral Folder (V-Shape) with Tab & Label - Orange F-FILING ACCESS PCS
BC0227 WhiteBox Binder Clips 15mm 12pcs F-FILING ACCESS BOX
66043 MISC Binder Clips Binbin 19mm 12pcs F-FILING ACCESS BOX
66065 MISC Binder Clips Binbin 25mm 12pcs F-FILING ACCESS BOX
66087 MISC Binder Clips Binbin 32mm 12pcs F-FILING ACCESS BOX
66010 MISC Binder Clips Binbin 41mm 12pcs F-FILING ACCESS BOX
66012 MISC Binder Clips Binbin 51mm 12pcs F-FILING ACCESS BOX
BMX-W-98 BINDERMAX Bindermax Easizip Clear Holder (W-98) F-FILING ACCESS PCS
8887066000807 BINDERMAX Bindermax Filing Rack (H-008) for Suspension File F-FILING ACCESS PCS
W-98R BINDERMAX Bindermax Refill for Easizip Clear Holder - A4, 10's F-FILING ACCESS PKT
8887066250066 BINDERMAX Bindermax Sheet Protectors (0.06mm) 11-Holes - 100's F-FILING ACCESS BOX
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